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Photo tour : "Candle light festival"

13-25 NOVEMBER 2024

– Old Dhaka, fruit and fish markets

– Buriganga river, the fascinating constant swarming of people and boats.

– Koral Bosti, the largest slum in Asia.

– Brick Factories

– Candle Light Festival

– Shipyards

Sand & Coal Transporters

– Floating market in Barisal

– Fishermen at Cox's Bazar, the longest natural sea beach in the world.

– Dry-rice fields

– Tie-dying (Batik) village were they produce the traditional colorful fabrics and dry in the sun.





12 days


13-25 November 2024


5-7 people



I am pleased to present the photographic tour "THE THOUSAND COLORS OF BANGLADESH".

Definitely one of my favorite destinations, both in terms of personal experience and for the possibility of taking home hundreds of beautiful and genuine photographs.

Like all my tours, also in this the group is contained (5-7 people) so that everyone can be followed to learn and satisfy their personal needs.

Known as South Asia’s greenish jewel, Bangladesh is also one of the world’s most densely populated countries. From the shipyards and brick factories of the capital city of Dhaka to the slums of Char Kaliganj, Kawran Bazar, and Korail Bosti, our 10-day Bangladesh Photo Tour and Cultural Adventure will take you deep inside this fascinating and little known country. You will discover people who are kind, spontaneous, and welcoming towards foreigners. Our journey is sure to be a unique experience, where you will learn about the culture, the religion, the customs, and the traditions of an extraordinary people.


In Dhaka’s Old City, the area between the two main terminals for transportation on the river, Sadarghat, and Badam Tole, we will watch the scenes of river life on the Buriganga. This area is particularly fascinating due to the constant swarming of people and boats of all kinds. Along the riverbank stands a bright pink palace in Baroque style, the Ahsan Manzil. The most interesting building in Dhaka is Lalbagh Fort, an unfinished fort dating back to 1678 and located in the Old City. In the same area, there are also a couple of very fascinating mosques, including the Hussain Dalan, and the National Museum.


One of the most significant experiences of the whole trip will be our visits to two of the largest slums in all of Asia: Korail Bosti and Kawran Bazar. Here we will visit some schools, and with the help of an expert guide, navigate the maze of roads that cross this “city within the city”, immersing ourselves in the daily life of extraordinarily friendly and smiling people.

This exclusive trip will host a maximum of only 5-7 guests. A respectful and sustainable formula to guarantee and protect the uniqueness of genuine populations, not contaminated by tourism, where every photographer will have the opportunity to portray authentic places and faces.

Building a portfolio full of original images with a strong emotional impact such as the workers in the shipyards, tea plantations, and brick factories; always with the technical supervision of our photographer leader Mauro De Bettio and an expert local guide. A journey full of many opportunities and experimentation in the field, all while learning the secrets and techniques of photojournalism.


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