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All my tours have been created thanks to extensive research in the field.

A lot of time has been invested in researching the best areas, villages, landscapes and populations to ensure my clients have the best experience these places can offer.

My tours are focused on photography and achieving the best photo opportunities but always blended with a relaxed atmosphere that help the participants maximize the creative and technical potential.


With the help of my local fixers, time is never wasted on research for the photo subjects and opportunities. Almost all the portrait sessions are pre-arrange, always with different (from previous trips) and amazing models. There will, however, also be unplanned and spontaneous photo opportunities.


You will have the opportunity to learn and practice new and different photographic techniques, in different lighting situations and environments. The tours are designed in order to have all the time necessary to live unique experiences and create dream shots.


Read HERE some comments left by my clients in previous tours.

Mauro_Bangladesh (13).jpg


Immerse yourself in the daily life of extraordinarily friendly and smiling people deep inside this fascinating and little known country.


( 9 reviews )

9-22 JANUARY 2023


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KENYA (Nairobi & Lake Turkana)

Lake Turkana is the largest desert lake in the world and extends for 288 kilometers up to the Ethiopian & Kenyan border, home to some of the most interesting cultures in the world.


( 10 reviews )

9-22 JULY 2023

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Nigeria, Africa's most populous country is home to over 200 ethnic groups with a warm tropical climate and a unique variety of cultures, art, music, film, fashion and food waiting to be experienced.


( 6 reviews )


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Benny Shilo


This was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. The ability to reach the most remote and exotic places and have direct personal contact with the local tribes is exceptional. This was facilitated by Mauro’s unique personality and his open, caring, and friendly approach to all people. Mauro’s exquisite knowledge of Kenya produced a trip plan that was just perfect. Although rugged, the rewards of reaching the different authentic tribes and communicating with them were priceless. The resulting pictures reflect not only the beauty of the landscape but also the direct personal encounters we had with the people we photographed.

prof. Benny Shilo  (ISRAEL)

Myriam Leplat.jpg

Myriam Leplat


I travelled with Mauro on his photo tour to Kenya and Lake Turkana in July 2021 .

Our trip was very well prepared and organized. Mauro is an experienced photographer and guide , a very kind person. I highly recommend this trip.

Myriam Leplat  (BELGIUM)

Elena Molina.jpg

Elena Molina


The most stunning trip ever, as per the photographic opportunities and guidance and also regarding the humanitarian aspects.

Not only gave me the opportunity to interact and coexist with the different tribes around Turkana lake, but also to go deep and feel the real life in the streets of Nairobi. All thanks to a great organization on behalf of Mauro De Bettio and his contacts in the different places we visited.

Elena Molina (SPAIN)

Mario Benenati.jpg

Mario Benenati


Mario Benenati  (ITALY)


I have traveled recently to  Lake Turkana region in KenyaKenya with one of the photo tours organized by Mauro De Bettio. This trip is a unique opportunity to visit and photograph remot and fascinating ethnic groups that it's hard to believe that still exist.

It has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience!!!

Aurora Galve Muniesa (SPAIN)


Stephen Hermida


Over recent years I have participated in several photography travel workshops, and by far the Turkana Lake photo tour organised by Mauro De Bettio during November 2021 is the best I have attended.

Tour leader Mauro ensures that the trip is focused on photography and achieving the best photo opportunities but always blended with a relaxed atmosphere that help the participants maximise the creative and technical potential.

 Unlike other photo tours I have attended on this trip I was very impressed that we did not have to waste time and effort to seek out photo subjects and opportunities, but rather Mauro with the help of his team of local fixers, ensured there were pre-arrange the portrait sessions, with amazing models, but still unplanned and spontaneous photo opportunity as available and welcomed.

The artistic experience and technical knowledge I learnt throughout the whole of this trip cannot be overstated. In the two weeks of the tour, I evolved in my creative and artistic flair and Mauro was always at hand to assist with any technical aspects or challenges I may have encountered.

The overall planning and itinerary were excellent. On days when there were long inevitable road trips, there was always something planned along the way, to ensure that the day went on enjoyably and less tiring. It was always very evident that personal and group security and safety was of utmost importance. At no time did I feel unsafe or uneasy, whether on the road or our interactions with the communities visited. Every day was filled with new and memorable experiences full of colour and energy.

From a personal level I have no doubt that from the overall experience of the trip together with the advice and encouragement of Mauro Bettio, the quality of my photographic and artistic skills has noticeably improved, probably more than I could have foreseen when I first signed up for the trip. Inspired by Mauro, my passion for photography has refocused and energised, to the point that some of the images from the trip now hang in a fine arts gallery or have featured in prestigious portrait photography Instagram accounts.

Stephen Hermida  (GIBRALTAR)

I have traveled for many years to many intriguing destinations in all continents and I have made photography my now inseparable travel companion. I learned to appreciate and love real photojournalists and surfing the web I met Mauro De Bettio: it was a real shock. Mauro knows how to translate the deepest essence of travel and travel into images. I saw and reviewed the photos of him and I contacted him to go with him. I have been with him in Bangladesh and he has been unrivaled both as an organizer and as a master of photography. This is why I had no doubts about leaving this time for Kenya.

The result of his photographic work is due to the extraordinary ability to become one with the photographed subject, descend into the abyss of the gaze, into the depth of the soul. Mauro has the unique gift of understanding men and situations, creating encounters and atmospheres. He knows how to be in the right place at the right time with results that anyone who loves photography will certainly appreciate. He has taken care of the trip down to the smallest detail, has extraordinary collaborators who support him and his knowledge of Bangladesh as well as Kenya is absolutely unique for a Westerner. He held a photography and portrait workshop in particular at very high levels, despite the difficulties of the journey. Traveling with Mauro is an unforgettable experience, certainly professional, but above all human. We have become friends and I look forward to leave with him again. I guarantee it as a consummate traveler and amateur photographer: the best photographic experience ever.

Aurora Galve Muniesa


Shari Carmon


The Kenya trip was much more than a perfectly organized photo tour, it was an experience and an adventure, reaching to so very remote tribes, learning how people are struggling to keep going with so little and still be happy. The amazing pictures we brought with us, and the memories are for life.

Big part of this amazing trip was Mauro with his kindness and humanity and friendliness on top of his photography expertise and patience with us. I loved his sensitivity and respect to all the people we met and photographed, and it seems that all were very happy to meet him again.

Francesco De Mitrio.jpg

Francesco De Mitrio

Katherine Taylor Nordgren


Having the chance to travel again was a great opportunity in itself. Then all thanks to a person who knows those places well, it was an added value. Traveling around the “forgotten” Kenya was a great pleasure, always surrounded and guided by local people. The amazing places visited, the incredibly welcoming people and the truly incredible and really well cared for photographic aspect.

Definitely an experience to be repeated with Mauro as soon as possible.


Mauro made traveling to a new country, and meeting new people, easy.

We got to see the wide diversity of Kenya and its people. I am a beginner photographer, and Mauro patiently took the time to teach and correct me. I also learned so much by being around the other amazing photographers on the trip.   

I walked away with some pictures I am really proud of, forever memories, and priceless relationships. I highly recommend Mauro’s Turkana Tour.

Francesco De Mitrio  (ITALY)

Katherine Taylor Nordgren  (HAWAII)

Shari Carmon  (ISRAEL)

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