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The love and passion I have for photography has often pushed me to different and dangerous remote corners of the planet. 
Photography goes beyond the image itself and represents my way of communicating tenacity and fragility, colors and shadows, the joy of a glance and its essence. The determination of the protagonists in the images I capture are an extraordinary example of how every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity and I am the spokesman and interpreter of a piece of this humanity.

A Sadhu's journey

"During my long journeys in India one of the entities that most caught my attention are the Sadhus, the holy men". Sadhus (meaning ‘good men’) are devoutly religious Hindus living all over India. Most of them wear orange clothes representing the color of the fire in which they have burned all their possessions to be symbolically reborn into a new life. An order that dates back more than 5 thousand years.

The honey hunters of Nepal

There are rare tribes in Nepal that have been hunting honey from Himalayan cliffs for centuries. A tradition that's carried on for generations. Wrapped in a tornado of angry giant bees, hanging with bare hands to a bamboo rope hundreds of meters high, these people risk their lives to collect the precious spring ‘red honey’, famous for its medicinal, aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic properties.⁣

The Romania's Bear Dancers

Every winter, between Christmas and New Year, in this place the annual Dance of the Bears takes place, a ritual that symbolizes the death and rebirth of time. Men and women of all ages dress with bear skins and dance to the rhythm of flutes and percussion to drive away evil spirits and welcome the new year.

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