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Fantastic evening yesterday November 26th at Frigoriferi Milanesi in Milano

on the occasion of the presentation of the Amani 2023 calendar which contains 12 of my most important shots taken in Africa.

Amani is a non-profit association that has been establishing and supporting shelters, educational, scholastic and professional centers in Kenya, Zambia and Sudan since 1995.

Since 1998, it has published a photographic calendar with the collaboration of great international photographers such as Sebastião Salgado, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Francesco Cocco, Francesco Zizola, Pascal Maitre, Silvia Lelli, Heinrich van den Berg, Peter Caton.

Needless to mention how honored I feel to be part of this list.

Thanks therefore to the director Gian Marco Elia and to all the fantastic Amani team.

For the occasion, Africa Rivista also presented the latest issue of the journal which contains a 10-page article dedicated to my work in the last 3 years on the Arican continent.

Africa magazine is one of the few Italian periodicals dedicated entirely to Africa and committed to revealing the many little-known faces of the vast continent.

A periodical with a century of history but which never ceases to amaze and amaze.

A magazine that gives the floor to Africa, to this fantastic continent in continuous movement and perennial transformation, spreading stories and news very often ignored by the mainstream media.

Thanks certainly also go to the editorial director Marco Trovato and all the editorial staff of the magazine for welcoming me into their family with warmth.

Important are the words of the great journalist Pietro Veronese who accompanied both the images of the calendar and the article in the magazine.

He moved me to hear his precious and touching words that he used to describe me and the importance of my work.

Click HERE to buy the Amani calendar.

Click HERE to buy Africa Magazine.

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