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Premio SAN MARTINO 2022

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Last Friday in Belluno, my hometown, was a very important prize for me.

I left over 10 years ago on a journey that took me to ever more distant lands; I therefore see this award as a redemption, a return home.

Valuable words from Mayor Oscar De Pellegrin:

“The 2022 San Martino Award given to Mauro De Bettio has many meanings but above all it reminds us that man is made to exercise care, to be help and support for others. It reminds us of attention, respect, affectionate interest in each other. I find it the highest expression of the human being, that of spending oneself for one's neighbor".

Thanks again to all the people who signed up for my nomination for the award, first of all Dario Ganz, who has been following and supporting me for years. Thanks also to Silvano and Luciano.

Thanks to my family and to all the people who have always believed in me, even before I did.

And finally, the biggest thanks goes to all the children of Malaika-foundation, to whom I dedicate this important award. The Foundation is undoubtedly the most important project I've ever undertaken, a special place where hundreds of children, in addition to a hot dish, receive love, affection, warmth and awareness that they are not alone and that there is hope.

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