The book 40 Seasons of Humanity that you can buy through this pre-sale campaign is a 150 copies only limited edition and will not be available in bookshops.

The photographic volume contains the testimonies of a journey that began ten years ago, a journey for which I started moved by the desire to discover and plant flags on a map and which soon matured into an “inner journey”.


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During this journey, which pushed me to different remote corners of the planet, I met and photographed people of distinct cultures, characters and dogmas, who opened a window on their stories, letting emotions, traumas, sufferings and a perpetual light of life and joy in the look.

Some of them are often defined on the margins, minorities that are easy to ignore or whose existence we simply do not know, minorities made up of millions of people. I allowed myself to reach and explore the fragile balance that is intertwined between people in the infinite beauty of diversity, through the face of a humanity cadenced in 40 seasons. That’s why I decided to entitle the book:

40 Seasons of Humanity.


Photography goes beyond the image itself and represents my way of communicating tenacity and fragility, colors and shadows, the joy of a glance and its essence. The determination of the protagonists in the images I capture are an extraordinary example of how every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity, and I am the spokesperson and interpreter of a piece of this humanity.


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