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I am pleased to present the 2nd edition of my book, 40 SEASONS OF HUMANITY.


After the success of the first edition, I have decided to reprint the volume, for which even the famous photographer Steve McCurry kindly provided a quote.


The book contains testimonies from a journey that began ten years ago. This journey has taken me to different remote corners of the planet, where I have encountered people from distinct cultures, characters, and dogmas. They have opened a window to their stories, allowing emotions, traumas, sufferings, and a perpetual light of life and joy to shine through their eyes.

I have ventured to explore the fragile balance intertwined among people in the infinite beauty of diversity, capturing the essence of humanity in 40 seasons.

Photography, for me, extends beyond the image itself and serves as a means of communicating tenacity and fragility, colors and shadows, and the joy encapsulated in a single glance.

The determination displayed by the individuals in the images I capture serves as an extraordinary example of how every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity. I am honored to be the spokesperson and interpreter of a piece of this humanity.


As a special gift, the first 25 people who purchase the book will receive a scarf that I personally brought back from my recent trip to India.


This is the only version of the book that, upon request, you can have it autographed.

40 SEASONS of Humanity

Hardcover, 25 x 34 cm, 1.5 kg, 192 pages

70.00 + shipping

Multilingual Edition: English, Italian
Availability: In Stock



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